Responsible Investment

Perfin Educar

The Perfin Equity Hedge fund has a social purpose to impact Education in Brazil, so it donates all the revenues coming from management and incentive fee. Since the inception of the fund in 2012, we have donated more than R$ 1 million to support scholarships for Insper impacting 7 students.
Insper is a well-recognized school of business, economics, and engineering, based in São Paulo, Brazil. Their mission is to be a leading center of education and research in the field mentioned above having the commitment to positively contribute to society.

As our philosophy to seek capital preservation and sustainable investments, we take a proper and important attention to companies’ risks. With that in mind we have been giving more attention to ESG risks in our investment analysis. Given that we have been PRI signatories since 2017. Since then we have enhanced our proprietary research and that has helped improve our thoughts and discussions with that respect. We have also refined our models, embracing these aspects on our quantitative company risk assessment. ESG Policy