Perfin Asset Management

Perfin Asset Management is an independent Equity Specialist Asset Management passionate about business culture, management and financials founded in 2007. Throughout our history we have helped shape many companies and the Brazilian capital market. By investing through in-depth partnerships, we have consolidated exceptional returns for our clients. We are keen believers of robust processes based on a thorough fundamental analysis, strict risk controls, high levels of transparency and solid ethical standards. We, at Perfin Investimentos, adopt rigorous processes in management, analysis, risk control, compliance, investor relations and operational practices aiming at ensuring excellence to our stakeholders.


What drives us is the understanding of companies’ and businesses’ strategies. Through in-depth research and our experienced team we seek to invest in companies that we trust and that share same values, supporting their achievements. We go beyond numbers, seeking to be part of the companies’ legacy and becoming reference investors.

Investment Process

Our investment process is one of an intense and continuous research, which allow us to ponder all the scenarios and their likelihoods for each company we cover. The goal of the investment process is to make us capable of continuously identifying what are the stocks with the best combination of “risk vs return” within a long-term timeframe of investment.


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